Herald Avenue Family Practice

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Appointment Information

Standard consultations average 10 minutes. If your appointment is likely to take longer than usual, please advise reception staff so we can allocate adequate time for a longer appointment with your doctor.

Whilst we endeavour to avoid running late, please note that delays may sometimes be unavoidable due to emergencies, interruptions and complex medical problems. We thank you for your understanding. To decrease waiting, we advise patients not to arrive prior to their appointment time, unless you are a new patient requiring registration to our practice.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, we appreciate your courtesy in contacting the practice as soon as possible to cancel your appointment. Unfortunately, patients who repeatedly fail to attend appointments without giving reasonable notice of cancellation (2 hours) will incur a non-attendance fee.


Herald Avenue Family Practice is a mixed billing clinic. Please note that fees charged and the availability of bulk billing are at the discretion of the treating doctor and may be limited to certain hours. For further information, please call and our reception staff will be able to assist you.

As a general rule, the treating doctor determines the consultation based on the complexity of your consultation, whether extra services have been provided, and the specific circumstances of your presentation.

Rebates are available through Medicare for most services. Consultations not eligible for a Medicare rebate, such as insurance, travel, diving and employment medicals, also attract a GST of 10%.